At BrainShare, we create utmost fun in learning by empowering teachers, students and parents. If you are a school or academic institution, we power your e-learning needs with 100% customisation. This way, we enable your teachers to upload their own content (notes, pastpapers,quizzes) as well as offer assignments. Parents are given the power to track their student’s records plus keep in touch with their classroom teachers. Get your school started today, it's free!

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Brainshare for students

BrainShare is a social-academic platform that enables easy distribution and sharing of academic resources. Students are at the center of learning and we provide them with resources , easy knowledge sharing and communication
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Brainshare for Teachers

we offer teachers the power to upload notes, videos, pastpapers, quizzes,assignments, eBooks and moderate forums. With these powers teachers are able to teach a big number of students remotely.

Brainshare for Parents

BrainShare has support for parents as well. In their parent accounts, parents have the ability to monitor the academic progress of their kids as well as get access to their teachers for a back and forth communication.
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Brainshare for Admins

Brainshare gives administrators the power to monitor both teacher and student activities. Administrators have the ability to manage all user accounts in their schools and they can also customize the app theme.
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Brainshare Customization

With its 100% customization ability, BrainShare can be easily modified to suit any academic system, school or learning institution. You just have to register your school or institute above and we get in touch with you. We support you in every step and also customization is free.